Review of Soartex Fanver

    Hey y’all, Emily here and today I’d like to talk about a Minecraft texture pack called Soartex Fanver. It’s a really cool texture pack that just makes everything super realistic and just nicer to look most of th  time I only change my texture pack for mini games, amps, and role plays, but this one is different. I was first shown this texture pack by my friend Spike when we were doing a role play on his realm. It was supposed to be a one time thing, but the as lazy person I am, of course I forgot to change it back. The next time I joined the realm, I saw what has become my favorite part of this texture pack. The paintings they are just amazing. They are so detailed and just so beautiful. I also really love the way the rails look, so 3D and amazing. 

Everything is just so amazing looking! Arghhh! I love it!


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