My Favorite Hamilton Character

It’s a tie between Lafayette and Jefferson.

Now hear me out. This might be because Daveed Diggs is an amazing rapper and a beautiful human being with outrageous amounts of talent, but it’s mostly because of the characters and the dialogue. Now, I still think that Lin is the singularly best human being to ever be born, and an amazing person and writer, but the characters he created are almost as amazing as him.

Lafayette spent a lot of time fighting and risking his life for a country that wasn’t even his, and was probably one of the main reasons that we aren’t still part of England, And let’s not forget Guns and Ships. That rap is freaking awesome. Also, a BuzzFeed quiz told me that I’m Lafayette. And, on top of it all, Laf is just such a badass, I somehow imagine a modern version of him wearing eyeliner and high heels with ripped jeans. I love him. I’m sorry. (No I’m not.)

Thomas Jefferson is that annoying guy that you either LOVE or absolutely despise. But whatever you think, you cannot deny that no one rocks the big hair and magenta better than him. ❤️ I’m sorry. I love Daveed. Also, Jefferson’s sass is incredible. And I know that the actual guy was a horrible person with hundreds of slaves, but the way Jefferson goes up and sings a whole rap that is impossible to say five times fast in Washington on Your Side is awesome. Even though he loses all the Cabinet battles, I think he should have won Number 2.  Also, every time my teachers says Democratic-Republicans in class, it’s so hard not to scream “SOUTHERN MOTHER-F**KING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS!”

Also, this picture. I mean, come on.

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