Finally Female | Jodie Whittaker, the First Lady Doctor

Finally! Finally! After fifty- something years of the best show on the BBC! We are finally getting what we have wished for, a female Doctor! Finally someone that little geeky girls like me (not say I’m little) can finally look up to! A way for the female fans of the show to dress up as their favorite character without wearing men’s clothing! (Though I will still be dressing up as the eleventh next Halloween, that is if my Hamilton costume doesn’t still fit…) The point is, it’s finally a step in the right direction. EQUALITY!

However, as with every achievement, there are those people who will not accept change, people who won’t accept a girl in the TARDIS. Here, we call those people haters. There’s been so much hate, people on the internet, (Mostly men, I’m guessing) saying that they “don’t want the TARDIS full of bras”. Absolute bull. Why not, may I ask? It’s about time for some progressive change on television, and the US sure aren’t going to be the ones to start.

What I think is everyone’s issue is that they’ve become so used to a male Doctor, that they just can’t imagine anything else. It’s what they grew up on, it’s what they are used to, it’s what they like. And, even if you’ve grown up on the new DW, it’s still the same. Now, Christopher, David, Matt, and Peter each brought their own thing to the character, and they were all, phenomenal, but I think that people have become too accustomed to seeing a white man with a female companion at his side, and that’s all changing now. Even when Bill came out there was some anger, but we got through it, and it’s fine. We will get through this in the end too, and she will be amazing, and I know that in no way will she be the last female driving the TARDIS, and in no way should she be. What will be next? A black person? We can only hope.

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