Smokey the Wondercat

     Smokey, a small two-year-old black and white cat from Great Britain lives with her owners Rhona, Harvey, and their son Callum. She is a smart cat that her owners describe as outgoing, charismatic, fearless and adorable. Her family love her fun and outrageous personality and wouldn’t trade her in for anything. In her free time, she likes to hang out under her trademark tree and sleep in the shade. She loves eating Sheeba Catmeat and Whisker Biscuits and usually sleeps in Callum’s bed. Her hobbies include sleeping, eating and annoying the two dogs she lives with. Despite that, she’s always fun, and makes everyone around her happy and always makes her family laugh.

      In an interview with Rhona, Smokey’s owner, she confessed that while Smokey was a wonderful and loveable cat, she was quite annoying when she wakes her up at two in the morning to be let out. She generally doesn’t like being inside and usually spends her time outside. When asked where one would generally find Smokey, she replied “Smokey tends to go next door. She likes going out. Whenever she’s inside she usually wants to go outside instead, most of the time at two in the morning, and I’m almost always the person she wakes up. She must think I’m the only one who can let her out.”

The following is an uncensored interview with Rhona;

Q: What games does Smokey like to play?

A: She plays with mice. She doesn’t eat them, she just plays with them until they’re dead, then leaves them in the garden.

Q: Who generally looks after Smokey?

A: That would be me. I have to feed her, comb her, take her to the vets, flea her, and let her in because we don’t have a cat flap.

Q: How does she react to living with your two dogs?                                                                                                                                                             

A: She bosses them around but mostly ignores them, but if they come near her she gives ‘em a swipe.

Q: What was she like when you first got her?

A: Cute, small, and noisy. She had such a loud meow when she was little.

Q: In a fight between Smokey and one of your dogs, who would win?

A: Smokey, because she would scratch them and they would be afraid to retaliate in case they got in trouble.

Q: What is unique about your pet?

A: She’s fussy, but she’s always nice and usually sociable.

She may be sociable, but when I visited her home the other day, she was very private, and when I approached the bush she was resting in, she swiped at me and my camera. (My camera took most of the damage) She’s definitely a diva, but she’s funny and nice (usually), and she absolutely is a great pet, and a cute, cute cat!

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