Lola, a seven year old Lasso Poo from Bedfordshire, England, lives with her owner, Wendy. She likes playing games and running around like a lunatic. She was adopted by Wendy when she was a tiny puppy. She was nothing more than a little fluffball with sticks for legs. She was so cute and lovable. Now, as a full grown dog, she’s playful, amazing, and amusing. And she’s just as cute and fluffy as before and her owner loves her so much. She plays, sleeps, runs, jumps, and barks her way through her day in such a cute and adorable way. I was with Wendy when she adopted Lola 7 years ago and she was so tiny and she stole everyone’s heart from the very beginning.

With her greyish- black fur and her adorable brown eyes, it’s hard not to love this cute little dog. She tops the scales for cuteness and Wendy claims that she’s smart too. She always knows what to do and where to go. When I went on a walk with Lola and Wendy, she knew the route by heart and knew every turn. She also knew which dogs she could hang out with and which to avoid. She is a very intelligent and funny dog who has a lot of personality and charm and makes everyone who she meets laugh.

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