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Hi, guys, I’m Emily and this is my blog. I’m really in love with science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and TV shows. I love Doctor Who to a point that I cry every time I watch The Angels Take Manhattan, I’m in the unofficial Harry Potter fan club and the only music I listen to is from either Hamilton or  In the Heights. So yeah, only a little obsessed.  I’m an artist, a photographer, a unicorn, and a total geek. And yes, I realize geek is usually an insult, but not to me. I take it as a compliment. It really freaks people out! My blog will mainly be posts and articles about the things I’m interested in, so pretty much, geekdom, art, and cute animals. I hope ya’ll enjoy my posts, and if you wanna hang out with me some more, I post at least two videos a week on my Youtube channel LuvDaUnicorn. The link to that and my Pinterest can be found above.  If you have any questions for me or any comments, there’s a place for that below. I hope you guys will all enjoy my posts, cus that’s why I’m doing this, to help you all make better choices when it comes to movies, and know what to spend your money on when in Gamestop. Anyway, check out some of my article, I bet you’ll love them!

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